Sunday, November 10, 2013

End of 30 Days Jumping Rope Challenge.. anddd the new challenge!


Minggu lepas tak update pun pasal Week 3. Sebab? Period and taknak discourage dengan weight gain haha. Alasan baik punya. 

Anyway, today I finish my 30days challenge. Actually belum smpai 30 hari pun tapi I fast forward few days punya workout so I finish it all. 

So this is what happen from week 1 :





As you can see, I only loss 700g of weight but lose 7% of bodyfat. which is AWESOME!

I do expect more weight loss apart from 700gram because jumping rope was the best cardio workout but I'm not strictly doing jumping rope only so fatloss is a huge bonus for me. 
Come to think of it, I would rather be heavy, rather than "feels" heavy. I dont have any problem having a 70kg body with muscles, rather than having a 50kg body with fats. haha. No offense though. 

After 4 weeks of intergrating jumping rope in my daily workouts, I feel tremendous change. 
- dah pandai buat banyak skil jump rope
- badan dah tak kekok. jump dah tak sakit kaki.
- endurance getting better. x mengah kalau jalan jauh or naik tangga
- inchloss, jeans sebelum ni adalah sangat longgar. tapi mungkin jugak seluar tu yg membesar haha
- banyak baju dah muat. ok, mgkin jugak inchloss. hehe

Kesimpulannya, jump rope is the best cardio. It can easily increased your heart rate so seswai utk warming up and burns more than jogging for the same amount of time.. 

Dr Sara Solomon cakap kat SINI  :

"Jumping rope engages your core and is a full-body fat-blasting workout. In just 10 minutes of jumping at 120 turns per minute, not only do you accomplish a total body workout, but you also burn 150 calories.  In fact, just 10 minutes of nonstop jumping at 120 turns per minute provides the same cardiovascular benefits as 30 minutes of jogging.   Your workout doesn’t need to be long to be effective.  When strapped for time, work smarter, not harder by performing an all-in-one Jump Rope circuit."

Soooo why do you bother to jog for 1 hour if you can burns the same amount of calories with 20mins of jump rope? hehe 

tapi kalau minat tu lain la cerita. jogging dpt cuci mata. jump rope kena fokus, sebok tgk org, sangkut la kaki. hehe. but I just dont have much time to jog. and I am not good at it. Ada orang tak percaya 20mins will makes wonder berbanding 1 hour of jog. Seriously, I rarely run or jog. So do u think 20mins makes wonder or not?

Nak start this journey, u need to read a lot. jangan membuta je ikut semua orang. orang buat tu, kita pun buat. tak semua benda yg orang lain buat menjadik untuk kita. tapi sharing ilmu adalah sangat bagus. jangan ingat kita dah tau semua, tapi dalam masa yg sama, kena yakin dengan apa yang kita buat asalkan tak memudaratkan diri sendiri. 

I personally believe HIIT(high intensity interval training) or HIRT (high intensity resistance training) works well for me. Weight training and Intermittent Fasting really helps in fatloss. I dont have luxury with time because of works and 2 kids. and 1 big kid which is my husband haha. 

You can always choose which one you prefer. Either 1 hour jog or 20mins HIIT, the point is just do what works for you. Dont have 20mins? Cut your TV time. Wake up earlier. Get off the computer. Workout at the office. Yes, u have the time. Dont bluff. Its just an excuses u made up for yourself. 

Anyway, I am superexcited to start a new program, namanya 6 weeks shred by Maximum 
Link nya kat sini

Basically semua workout HIRT, campur sprint n jump rope. Dalam seminggu 5 hari workout, 2 days rest. Kalau berminat kena sign up kat situ nnti dia email workout tu hari2. so mcm ekslusif skit la program ni sebab dia tak share kat web dia. Nanti kita tgk apa jadi dlm 6 weeks. kalau tak shred gak tak tau laaa hahaha 

Good luck to myself. Semoga boleh komited dan istiqamah. Amin.

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